ANDY – Chief of Store & Mailorder
since 1996
The Baboon Show – radio rebelde
Brian Fallon – sleepwalkers
Coldside – fuck your system
Moscow Death Brigade – boltcutter
Feine Sahne Fischfilet – sturm & dreck
Agnostic Front – victim in pain
Bad Brains – same
Bad Religion – no control
Cro-Mags – the age of quarrel
Dropkick Murphys – do or die
Gorilla Biscuits – start today
Ignite – call on my brothers
Judge – bringin‘ it down
Madball – set it off
Metallica – master of puppets
Sense Field – building
Sheer Terror – i just can’t hate enough
Sick Of It All – blood, sweat & no tears
Slapshot – step on it
Social Distortion – white light, white heat, white trash
Strife – one truth
The Clash – london calling
Uniform Choice – screaming for change
Youth Of Today – break down the walls
Warzone – don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets
UDO – Chief of Finances
since 1996
Hot Water Music – light it up
Swiss & die Andern – wie gegen die
No Fun At All – state of flow
Beatsteaks – yours
Booze & Glory – IV
Sublime – same
Suicidal Tendencies – how will i laugh tomorrow
Cockney Rejects – greatest hits II
Agnostic Front– one voice
Bad Religion – suffer & no control
Stiff Little Fingers – nobody’s heroes
Anti-Flag – for blood & empire
Madness– one step beyond
Madball– set it off
The Specials – same
Blood for Blood – outlaw anthems
DAVID – Chief of Production & Public Relation
since 1996
The Business – keep the faith
Sheer Terror – just can’t hate enough
Hard-Core: Life Of My Own – Harley Flanagan
Troopers – s/t
Berlin Blackouts – kissed by the gutter
Agnostic Front – one voice
Cro-Mags – the age of quarrel
Biohazard – s/t
Slapshot – sudden death overtime
ANDRU – Purchase Department Assistant
since 2010
Descendents – hypercaffium spazzinate
Berlin Blackouts – kissed by the gutter
Valkyrians – punkrocksteady
Elvis Costello – my aim is true
Role Models – forest lawn
Hysterese – same II
Swingin Utters – streets of san Francisco
Clash – give em enough rope
Compulsion – future is medium
Sex Pistols – nevermind the bollocks
AC/DC – dirty deeds done dirt cheap
SNFU – fyulaba
U.S. Bombs – the world
Ramones -adios amigos
Terrorgruppe – musik für arschlöcher
ALEX – Purchase Department Assistant
since 2016
Lion’s Law – from the storm
Sweet FA – mission accomplished
Thunder And Glory – living in the crossfire
CRIM – blau sang, vermell cel
The Broadsiders – all things must end
Concealed Blade – same
Spirit Crusher – the absolute
Cinderblock – same
Blood Pressure – need to control
Cro Mags – best wishes
Warzone – don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets
Madball – set it off
Bonecrusher – all
The Crack – in search of… the crack
Gorilla Biscuits – start today
Judge – bringin‘ it down
Slapshot – step on it
Boston Strangler – primitive
Paint It Black – new lexicon
Blitz – voice of a generation
BJÖRN – Webdesign & GRFX
since 2012
Suicidal Tendencies – world gone mad
Raised Fist – from the north
Die Antwoord – Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid
Turnstile – move thru me
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface
Nasty – Realigion
Blood for Blood – outlaw anthems
Turnstile – nonstop feeling
Cold World – dedicated to babies who came feet first
Parkway Drive – deep blue
Lady Gaga – the fame
Broilers – vanitas
Hatebreed – supremacy
Gallows – grey britain
H2O – guilty by association
Smoke Blow – the record
Testament – the dark roots of earth
Gorilla Biscuits – start today
Woodkid – the golden age
CKY – infiltrate•destroy•rebuild
Vision – watching the world burn
Die Ärzte – 13
BARTHEL – Purchase Department Assistant & GRFX
since 2017
Terror — One With The Underdogs
NOFX — First Ditch Effort
Feine Sahne Fischfilet — Scheitern Und Verstehen
Dritte Wahl — 10
Body Count — Bloodlust
Dropkick Murphys — The Meanest of Times
Telekoma — Die Wurzel allen Übels
K.I.Z – All publications
Terror – Keepers of the Faith
Dritte Wahl – Geblitzdingst
Loikaemie – 3
COR – Freistil, Kampfstil, Lebensstil
Toxpack – Bastarde von Morgen
Die Ärzte – 13
Rammstein – All publications
Limp Bizit – Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Dropkick Murphys – The Meanest of Times
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